Bodo Wartke

Bodo Wartke

Bodo WartkeThe audience appreciates Bodo Wartke as a chansonnier and virtuoso pianist as well as a versatile actor and charming confériecier. The piano cabaret artist does not shy away from controversial topics in his wit and tone.

At the age of 19, Bodo Wartke performed his first full-length concert on November 16, 1996 and looks back on more than 20 years of artistic career.

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Song Added By Pages Instruments Sheet Type File
Alla Turca Stomp falk_51 (6)
484d ago
9 Piano Original
90 Grad Bugger (149)
3326d ago
8 Piano Original
Ich trau mich nicht Dfphoenix (2)
3333d ago
10 Piano, Vocal Book
Liebeslied magicmo (12)
3336d ago
9 Piano Original
An Dich flocked (3)
3339d ago
10 Piano Original
An Dich nnamedagg (3)
3346d ago
4 Piano, Vocal Original
Ja Schatz nnamedagg (3)
3346d ago
3 Piano, Vocal Original
Logik KronosGod (1)
3349d ago
3 Piano Transcription
90 Grad Igsmh (2)
3368d ago
7 Piano, Guitar Original
Alla Turca Stomp sophiarouge (3)
3388d ago
9 Piano, Guitar Original
Regen gluehwuerm (1)
3403d ago
10 Piano Book
Liebeslied tobitheswiss (8)
3412d ago
9 Piano Other
Ich trau mich nicht xotic (5)
3433d ago
10 Piano, Vocal Original
Das letzte Lied vor der Pause ginganz1579 (5)
3439d ago
3 Piano, Vocal Original
Was ich gerade denke ginganz1579 (5)
3439d ago
6 Piano, Vocal Original
Liebeslied derGeier (14)
3456d ago
4 Piano, Guitar, Vocal Original
Quand même, je t'aime SuTech (1)
3468d ago
8 Piano, Vocal Original
Ja Schatz abbs (1)
3488d ago
3 Guitar, Vocal Other
Liebeslied Stryke (16)
3501d ago
9 Piano, Vocal Other
An Dich Stryke (16)
3501d ago
4 Piano, Vocal Original