OutKastOutkast (typeset as OutKast) is a Grammy Award-winning American hip hop duo based out of East Point, Georgia, a city south of Atlanta, Georgia. The duo was originally known as The OKB (The OutKast Brothers) but later changed its name to OutKast. The group's original musical style was a mixture of Dirty South and G-Funk. Since then, however, funk, soul, pop, electronic music, rock, spoken word poetry, jazz, and blues elements have been added to the group's musical palette. The duo consists of Atlanta native André "André 3000" Benjamin (formerly known as Dré) and Savannah, Georgia-born Antwan "Big Boi" Patton.

The duo is one of the most successful hip-hop groups of all time, having received six Grammy Awards. Over 25 million copies have been sold of Outkast's eight releases: six studio albums, a greatest hits release, and Speakerboxxx/The Love Below, a double album containing a solo album from each member. Speakerboxxx/The Love Below is one of only three hip-hop albums to be certified Diamond in the U.S. for shipping over 10 million units. Along with Outkast's commercial success, it has maintained an experimental approach in their music and is widely praised for its originality and artistic content.

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Roses (Intro) vtanman (8)
3104d ago
1 Piano Transcription
roses(intro) Nurye_C (4)
3282d ago
1 Piano Other
Hey Ya dandaman250 (11)
3368d ago
9 Piano, Vocal Original
Hey Ya noonsa (10)
3370d ago
9 Piano Book
Hey Ya! Tosen09 (2)
3376d ago
9 Piano, Vocal Original
Roses (Intro) someguyflo (5)
3377d ago
1 Piano Original
Roses (Intro) chocolatebeijos (1)
3380d ago
1 Piano Other
HeyYah fabian1991 (16)
3390d ago
6 Trumpet Transcription
Roses (Intro) Sinatrax3 (11)
3398d ago
1 Piano Transcription
Roses (Intro) Sinatrax3 (11)
3398d ago
2 Piano Transcription
HeyYa mcgill (7)
3399d ago
2 Violin Transcription
Hey Ya steven.galvan22 (7)
3401d ago
13 Trumpet Transcription
Roses kro17 (4)
3405d ago
3 Piano, Violin Transcription
Roses Matty_Ice_C (2)
3408d ago
1 Piano Other
Roses ilja (4)
3459d ago
1 Piano Other
Roses (Intro) bziyi (4)
3476d ago
1 Piano Original
Roses jheck7 (14)
3479d ago
1 Piano Transcription
Roses Intro good JozefGast (4)
3481d ago
1 Piano Transcription
Roses lilvince (3)
3487d ago
10 Piano Original
roses intro vinit005 (9)
3502d ago
1 Piano Original