YirumaYiruma (born February 15 1978, Seoul, Korea) is a South Korean piano music composer. He is married to Son Hye-im.

Yiruma is well-known throughout the world, and his albums are sold all over Asia, as well as the United States and Europe. His most famous pieces are "Kiss the Rain", and also "River Flows in You". These pieces are widely mistaken for being associated with the movie Twilight. Although he formerly held dual citizenship as a citizen of the United Kingdom and South Korea, in July 2006 he gave up his British citizenship and entered the Republic of Korea Navy to begin his military service, which is compulsory for all male South Koreans. He has lived in Osaka, Japan for 5 years to promote album sales before giving up his dual citizenship.

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Kiss The Rain steffl (1)
200d ago
4 Piano Original
River Flows in you webby101 (1)
828d ago
4 Piano Other
With The Wind fclmuse (2)
923d ago
5 Piano Transcription
Piano Collection (Compilation) speedy01 (7)
964d ago
175 Piano Transcription
River Flows in you bagish207 (180)
1044d ago
8 Piano Book
Kiss The Rain hilbi (1)
1096d ago
4 Guitar Original
River Flows in you hinnie (2)
1124d ago
3 Piano Other
Kiss The Rain littledirl (1)
1336d ago
4 Piano Original
River Flows in you anni.gee (1)
1436d ago
3 Piano Original
River Flows in you laroadette (11)
1461d ago
4 Piano Original
Autumn leaves cchucho39 (428)
1540d ago
5 Piano Transcription
dream a little dream of me marilynng (1)
1549d ago
2 Piano Original
Sometimes... Someone, Indigo, Chaconne, Kiss the Rain, River Flows in You, MAY Be, Love Me... icoi (22)
1557d ago
3 Piano Book
dream rinna (1)
1634d ago
3 Piano Fake
When the Love Falls bombolz (3)
1650d ago
3 Piano Original
Fotografia zoltanaff1 (2)
1708d ago
6 Piano Transcription
love me MelanieK (2)
1774d ago
2 Piano Original
River Flows in you obrayan (2)
1775d ago
3 Piano Original
Kiss The Rain schrick.liz (2)
1785d ago
4 Piano Original
Love Me kying (2)
1796d ago
2 Piano Original