Owl City

Owl City

Owl CityOwl City is an American synthpop musical project by Adam Young. Young started out making music in his parents' basement in Owatonna, Minnesota which he claims is a result of his insomnia.

Young's influences are disco and European electronic music. After two independent albums, Owl City gained mainstream popularity from the 2009 major label debut album Ocean Eyes, which spawned the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 #1 hit single "Fireflies". "Fireflies" topped the US and Canadian charts and became the most-downloaded song on iTunes in the US, and the album Ocean Eyes reached the top ten on the US album charts and topped the US electronic charts. Ocean Eyes also reached Amazon MP3's top 10 most downloaded album list. By December 2009, it was certified Gold in the United States.

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Vanilla twilight stephiieez (20)
1364d ago
7 Piano Transcription
Fireflies jersonrck (1)
1378d ago
2 Piano Transcription
fireflies cruelo (34)
1618d ago
3 Piano Original
Fire Flies asmith11 (1)
1768d ago
13 Piano Transcription
Vanilla twilight LostHope (147)
1771d ago
4 Piano Transcription
The Christmas Song LostHope (147)
1771d ago
5 Piano, Vocal Transcription
Fireflies LostHope (147)
1771d ago
13 Piano Transcription
The Saltwater Room LostHope (147)
1771d ago
5 Piano Transcription
Meteo Shower LostHope (147)
1771d ago
3 Piano Transcription
Fireflies LostHope (147)
1771d ago
5 Piano Transcription
Fireflies musjf (1)
1797d ago
8 Vocal Original
Fireflies lillyy (1)
1808d ago
13 Piano Original
The Christmas Song futuredvm93 (15)
1816d ago
6 Piano Transcription
Vanilla Twilight futuredvm93 (15)
1816d ago
4 Piano Other
fireflies emmyrozemusic (3)
1837d ago
13 Piano Original
Fireflies markclarence (20)
1862d ago
1 Piano Original
Fireflies fatboytjc (2)
1866d ago
13 Piano, Vocal Original
Fireflies chels (3)
1867d ago
13 Piano Original
Vanilla twilight warzonic (1)
1867d ago
1 Piano Transcription
Fireflies lowbliz (35)
1868d ago
7 Piano Original